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Plumbing Services in Moose Jaw

Water Heater

Wesmor Plumbing is your best source for plumbing and heating services in Moose Jaw.

Qualified Personnel

You can rest assured that any of the services you receive from Wesmor Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning will be done by a team of qualified personnel. Each employee has years of experience and undergoes ongoing training to adapt to industry technology.

Furnace Inspections

Make sure your furnace is ready to go for winter by getting a yearly inspection in the fall from Wesmor Plumbing. We will turn your furnace on to test it, and then inspect the interior and exterior of the unit. We look at the integrity of the unit’s structure, its overall energy efficiency, and inspect the wear of all the pats. We’ll also clean all the coils and clean or replace the filter. Our inspector will look for cracks or leaks and make any recommendations for repair if needed.

Furnace Installations

If you’re completing a new home or ready to replace your current furnace, Wesmor Plumbing provides furnace installations. We work with Bryant, who manufactures some of highest quality furnaces in the industry. We have gas, oil, and electric models available and can accommodate any size home from an apartment unit to a large estate home. Our team will remove your old furnace if applicable, install and connect your new unit, and test it to be sure it works correctly.

Bryant Air Conditioners

Wesmor installs Bryant air conditioners; we also repair and replace these and any other brand of air conditioner. We have minor and major replacement parts made by Bryant as well.

Natural Gas Water Heaters

The HVAC professionals at Wesmor Plumbing also install and repair natural gas water heaters. We can work with any tank size along with tankless models for small homes, large homes, and commercial properties.

Plumbing Renovations

When you remodel or add on to your home or business, many times the plumbing system needs to be added to, rerouted, or updated. We complete simple and complex plumbing renovations to keep the water flowing throughout your home or commercial facility.

Plumbing Repairs

Of course, Wesmor Plumbing provides all types of plumbing repairs, including unclogging shower, tub, sink, and floor drains. We also fix leaks in the pipes or faucets, treat hard water, adjust water pressure when needed, and much more. We work with hot water heaters, water softeners, garbage disposals, kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets showers, bathtubs, laundry tubs, floor drains, dishwasher connections, outdoor hoses, and any customized plumbing fixtures you have.

Sheet Metal Work

If your home or business requires any sheet metal work for your plumbing fixtures or pipes, Wesmor is experienced in this service and will complete any simple or complex fabrication work. We can also make custom modifications to your pipes, ventilation system, or fixtures.

Electronic Air Cleaners

If you have allergies or asthma, you could greatly benefit from an electric air cleaner unit. We deliver, install, and repair these units. There are portable and built-in options available. Electronic Air Cleaners have a high powered fan and specialty filter to draw in irritants in the air such as dust, dirt, lint, and pet dander. These allergens are then trapped in the filter and clean, pure air blows back out through the fan and into your home.

Natural Gas Radiant Heaters

Wesmor Plumbing installs and repairs natural gas radiant heaters. These are most often used to heat floors, walls, and overhead panels rather than the air. This can save you money on your overall energy bill and keep your home or commercial space warmer in the winter.

General Maintenance

Wesmor Plumbing's experienced staff offers general plumbing and furnace maintenance services. This includes cleaning or replacing filters as needed, cleaning the coils, removing sludge and clogs from all drains, insulating pipes as needed, cleaning shower drains, and cleaning out garbage disposals.